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All This And More

Mad Sin

I got my head in the clouds
and i kiss the dirt
lost my heart and i'm badly hurt
and if i kick the bucket
i leave a questionmark
i heard the lies and i learned the facts
the naked truth cuts like a double axe
all this and more just get me hexed
struck the bullet home, i'm on a mission
here is a small advice
and you better learn your lesson
all this and more is what i last for
all this and more is what you get boy
it's just a game that i'm going for
all this and more
so sick of the lies and the cover up
i'm on a dead end cruise
and i'm waiting to crash
like a starship trooper in a wreckin' rush
i set up a trap to blackmail you
gonna steal your life
and your golden spoon
get prepared cause payback-time comes soon
struck the bullet home...
all this and more...

Por Ricardo Lira.

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