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    Hey! Young Money, Rock Boys!
    Wussup Mack let's go!

    [Gorilla Zoe:]
    I know a bitch named Pam, Tonya, Keisha, Felicia,
    LaTesha, Tameka, Anita, Anitra, Tamera, Tameka,
    Tamara, Tia. Put them in a row my Asley man
    I know a bitch named Pam, Tonya, Keisha, Felicia,
    LaTesha, Tameka, Anita, Anitra, Tamera, Tameka,
    Tamara, Tia. Put them in a row my Asley man they
    Couldn't see her.

    Four Ashleys in my phone, Ashley out in Canada.
    Ashley back at home, the other two in Rome. One
    In Rome, Greece and one in Rome, Georgia. The one
    In Rome, Georgia sex me to her foyer. The one in
    Rome, Greece. Man I keep it formal, back and forth
    Up out the counrty like your boy was touring. But wait
    There are more o f them, one more in particular.
    California raisin like to hum up on this dick-ular. Hid in
    My vehicular, wants to be a pornstar she told me take
    A picture. I sent it to my homeboys. Aye Mack, Aye
    Wayne. Come look at this. Bitch named Ashley with
    Botocs in her lips(lips), botocs in her hips(hips). Cellie
    In her ass(ass), she so plastic bitch. But that bitch
    Go hard(hard), like a bodyguard. I call her barbie doll.
    She swallows cum and all. (Damn)

    [Mack Maine:]
    Girl you nasty, Ooh girl you nasty, Ooh that girl nasty
    (Eww) Ooh girl you nasty O-Ooh, Ooh that girl nasty.
    That girl nasty. Ooh that girl nasty What's her
    Name Ashley. What's her name Cashley. Damn she's a
    Beast I'd probably go and fuck her by my homie in the East,
    I don't want this chick to really know where I stay cause
    She gon' be a stalker, she gon be a a stalker. She the type
    Probably want me to fuck her till she walk around with a
    Walker, see I know I taught her how to take it from the back
    And how to suck a dick and this girl is like a snicker. Ooh she
    So thick but everybody think that she's a good ass christian
    But for about 2 weeks, this bitch been missing. she be in my
    Backyard tryna see if I'm bringing in some more hoes or another
    Bad bitch I don't understand what the fuck is really wrong, that's
    Why I had to put this shit up in a song. she still act like she look
    Sexy in that thong, yeah that thong-thong-thong, yeah that thong-thong-thong
    I try to tell the bitch that I am not the one that could submit to, that
    She should submit to. but she done heard my music. evertime my
    Song come on that bitch lose it, this dick she always choosing
    Her daddy he got mad and he took away her car and he said
    That she can't get nomore drawls or bras and he done stopped
    Giving the bitch allowance so now to the club she's not even to
    Be allowed in. he done told the doorma n that lucky that she can't
    Even come in and her and her momma done even much had a
    Run-in and even her cousin be like "ooh girl he fine" and I heard
    Her momma say that I wish that he was mine. her momma and
    Her daddy they done even got into I done saw her momma
    One time try to show her fluid, I didn't even pursue it cause her
    Momma like 40 and she like to sip 40s and she listen to E-40
    Like ooh girl you so nasty Ashley, I see where you get it from
    And why you can't pass me. Shit. One time I was by they house
    And they grandma gave me a look, I'm so happy she can't talk.
    I'm so happy bought a book. She really couldn't play it off, see
    Her grandma, she's old. I heard she was a prostitute that's what
    I was told. So what I'm tryna say is all run up in her family, that's
    Why I be like Ashley. Ooh Girl You Nasty! (Hey!)
    Ooh girl you nasty, Ooh girl you nasty, Ooh girl you nasty her whole family
    Ooh they all nasty, Ooh little nasty Ashley, Oooh girl you nasty, Ooh
    Girl you nasty.

    [Talking: Mack Maine and Gorilla Zoe]
    Hold up, Hold up right quick man we smokin that
    California nigga. We been rapping too long nigga.
    You understand? Yeah nigga but uh yeah she nasty.
    She-She nasty. Who big booty LaKiesha, Big Booty
    Taniesha (Oooh!) Big booty Shanequa (Ooh!) Big
    Booty Tina. You got her from Bankhead? Yes! Old nasty ass
    That shawty suck ten dicks at one time. Lord have
    Mercy homie. And she like it in her ass. I love that
    Bitch though. Ooh! She nasty, with no KY! She a nasty bitch!
    What you do in it? I spit in it. You nasty. You nasty. Nigga
    You nasty. She nasty. I be drilling. Oooh! You ol' pornstar
    Ass nigga. Well Cannon holla at your nigga nigga! We out!
    Oooh girl you nasty.

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