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Do You Have Any Idea What Tomatoes do To Us?

MacGyver Vs. Matlock

Im wishing i was at the house where you stayed last night
Id sleep with no regard to the others
My singing and smile would not be a bother
My eyes will shine

Youre not around
No piece of me has stayed with you
So i write
Youre safe from me tonight, i know youd just as soon be alone, but think of me and all the silence that weve shared.

She wrote back, it said,
That was the last letter youll ever send. you need the protection from me. im burning the letter you sent as i write this, and i hate your picture, ive seen much better. so, cry, its the only thing i want you to do.

Ill send you a picture thats better
My smile is wider so you can
Burn it as well you know its fitting
Im on the receiving end of silence
Im shaking my head at any suggestion
The letters are sent
And theres no way out

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