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When In Rome

Mac Miller


All the freaks coming out when the sun down
Hating on it, I don't give a fuck now
Bad little bitch with her tongue out
Told her go long, its a touchdown
Do this for the city and the state
Buster better bring me to the safe
Went up right now I ain't really tryna wait
Got me on trial but I'm beating that case
Motherfucker say it to my face
Say it to my face, motherfucker go and say it to my face
Trippin' now, everything straight
Rappers all wanna drop it now
and they can't even get a date
Feeling greater than a meth head
If you got a problem don't stand here
In the middle of the ocean, see the land here
Any helicopter, fucker, we gon' land here

When in, when in, Rome

Bad little bitch in the
I give it to the homie, he can have that
You talking that shit, where the racks at?
They keep you on the shelf, where the racks at
You can try to go and see the Colosseum
When they die they better bet a mausoleum [?]
I don't got time bitch I'm high in the secret
I don't got time bitch I'm high in the secret
Everybody and their mother wanna rap now
Tell 'em cut a check for a youngin', and I'ma cash out
Walking in the back door to the [?] now
All my shit, you can borrow my bitch
give her back now, right now
I'ma need that, right now
Give her back now, right now
I'ma need that
Came up from the gravel to the motherfucking castle
Broke culture all we do is trappin'
At the table breakin' bread with his palneers
Got a whole bunch of bitches doing Valium's
Make a song everyday, got 1000
Got a whole bunch of trophies and medallions
Any motherfucking made it
before the motherfucking money
Got another under rapper who's counting?
When in, when in, when in Rome
I was 19 with the homies goin' 'round the globe
Got 75k, now they book me for a show
Now my folks can't see when they steppin' on my toes
God damn, loco, god damn, loco

When in, when in, Rome

I'm at the top of my game
I don't mean to be rude, but me and you
we are not one in the same
I'm eating your food and fucking your bitch
cause you is a lame
Pittsburgh, hipster, little kid damn my life changed
I'm at the top of my game, I'm at the top of my game
I'm at the top of my game, I'm at the top of my game

Yeah I made a couple million off rap like it's nothing
Keep the shit quiet, don't stunt too much
She could fuck me, she don't give it uptoo much
Drink liquor like water, getting drunk too much, haan
I was off them drugs too much
in the crib fucking all these little sluts too much
How it is when you young, blowing up too much
Talking shit, but I know you ain't been up to much
Man I been working, said I'm the greatest
Now that I'm certain, Benzo the latest
Drunk and I'm swerving
I'm going ape shit on all of my verses
Fuck being famous, I'm here to fuck up your favorite
Lately I'm hearing too much of the same shit
Young and I'm faded, killing shit
bury it all in my basement

Shut your motherfucking mouth bitch
Fuck your motherfucking couch bitch
Yeah you fucking, you ain't 'bout shit
Swear you a lame
I'ma keep killing shit, let them all hate
Bitches all over my basement, yeah I'm collecting
I need that money today

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