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    [Verse 1: Mac Miller]
    PA to BK
    Easy Mac
    I love money, I love money
    You take a buck from me, you doug funny
    I said I love money, I love money
    You take a buck from me, better duck dummy

    Im with my man Skyzoo, is the class clown of his high school
    Dround you in typhoons, hittin' you with rhymes too
    Haters keeps they eyes glued, pound if you my dude
    We stay high like Einstein's IQ
    And ya'll muther fuckas know where I'm comin from
    Chewin' cats up, like a little peice of bubble gum
    Tryin double sum's, hustle, wanna let my money run
    I ain't even battling dude, I'm having fun with it
    Jokes make him feel wrong in his own skin
    Sippin gin from a bin that's makin' my dome spin
    And your the type that'd try to take from your own kin
    Feel it close on your toes, hangin from clothes pins
    I'm spittin blades, God damn it, my tooth hurts
    I'm out feelin' with a bunch of cancerous tumors
    Yup, music's my baby, I ain't gonna, lose her
    So I stay with the radio, like Cuba Gooding Junior

    Who you think could bother me lyrically?
    In the middle of Alaska I bring the heat
    My worst verse hot as your best ryhm, Damn
    The pen game insane
    Who you think could bother me lyrically?
    In the middle of Alaska I bring the heat
    My worst verse hot as your best ryhm, Damn
    The pen game insane

    [Verse 2: Skyzoo]
    I'm one drink away from everything you meant to say
    Like I think he on the rise of what the kings made
    And in the blink of an eye I'm on the kings page
    But no album, this is all for the mixtapes
    In a different lane, no signs of road rage,
    Ain't no body over here to rage quit, so no gains
    No sleep, no retreat, no surrender, no apologies from me
    I'm the pen of the penners
    I mean what I speak, so if I given you a sentence
    Then it bez what it bez, nothing hit on the agenda
    You leave it up to me, and you can divy up the team
    Put your pride in end and I'm dismember your limbers
    The harder the city, the starting point guard,
    That can play up to the fall
    So the parts is all gone, no room on the bench
    And I got a no trade clause, so I'm here long haul no switchin


    [Verse 3: Mac Miller]
    Look, I rip mics to piece cook em or eat em raw
    I was bustin freestyles before I could read it all
    MCs just call me the monster in their mind
    that haunt them all the time
    And they thought if they could ryhm they
    could make the situation a lil diffrent then the present
    See, I fucked this track, worried thought I got her pregnant
    I'm haulin ass, yall is whack, taking out the garbage trash
    Duckin from these sharks n crabs, giving MCs heart attacks
    Its yo boy Mac, damn Im great, and you guessed,
    no love like a man with aids
    I feel you dancin gays with some hand grenades,
    drop bombs, remove your hands and legs
    And I pray dear Lord please give me the strenghth
    not put these little stakes in their taint till they faint
    Suffocating, now you choke you a broke MC,
    now ain't nothing to do but smoke your weed like...


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