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Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Mac Miller

[Intro: Trecho do filme KIDS de 1995]
See a person like me, smoke weed til I hallucinate
I don't know why, crazy right?
This party was dope, that shit got played quick
Yo but the bitches are freaky here

Hey, kool aid and frozen pizza
It's a work of art, I ain't talkin' Mona Lisa
Dream of rockin' crowds, see me fillin' up arenas
This weed got me laughin' like a damn hyena
Yeah, I live a life pretty similar to yours
Used to go to school, hang with friends, and play sports
Every single summer takin' trips to the shore

And that was all gravy but I knew I wanted more
Ain't ever seen a young rapper like moi
Can't believe they eyes, swear its just a mirage
Still got my trainin' wheels in the garage
But I ain't gonna need those I'mma go hard (go hard)

So far I've done pretty well for myself
A couple trophies on my shelf so what else
Could I want that I don't have yet
Well a little more cash and my own fast jet
So I can go anywhere (anywhere) anywhere (anywhere)
Cali for the Kush, cause boy I know there's plenty there

Bout to be in music stores everywhere but not yet
They can't understand my concept
I been climbin' up the great wall, haven't had a fall yet
These blogs gotta know I'm on next
Clean conscience, good Samaritan

Companies send me clothes so I'm wearin' em
If you didn't know well I'm from the Burgh
Everything I drop recorded by Big Jerm
I smoke herb and I make music

I don't even talk about it boy I just do it
Everybody got they own opinion, the reasons why they feelin' em
You must admit he's killin 'em, runnin' off adrenaline
Waitin' for the game to wanna let him in, so open up

The boy a barrel of a smokin' gun
Whether I'm old or young, the chosen one
I got a hundred billion flows to come

I hope you know the lyrics to every single song
So when I'm at a show everyone can sing along
My weed bag empty, bottle at it's last drop
I'm feelin' like this could be my last shot
But many more songs to make cousin
So why the fuck you buggin'?

Yeah, we just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfuckin' kids
We just some mutherfu...
We just some mut...
We, we just some mutherfuckin' kids

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