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Smoove Jones

See baby, I know you done
Had your share of girls
But when a real woman
Comes into your life
A couple of very significant things happen
Yes, they do baby (haha)
So I'ma need you to slow down a little bit
Before you mess up and hurt yourself
Now I ain't tryna hurt nobody
But realize you in the presence
Of a smoove jones code 45 good tracks

[Verse 1]
If we move fast as you want
Boy, if we do everything you want
You gon' need to pull yourself together
When I leave you
Better keep cool. You say you gonna be here
I believe you. But baby this don't happen over night
It's gonna take some time

So I got to be careful
With who I choose, to give it to
And you got to be careful
Cause you probably never been around nobody else

Who got that fire (fire)
Fire (fire)
Take your time to get there
It ain't going nowhere
Got so many other things to do
Let's get higher (higher)
Higher (higher)
I just wanna stay right here
We ain't gotta go there
Cause you ain't even ready to feel that fire

[Verse 2]
Oh, handsome
Show me how you move it when you dancing
Let's go out and just do something random
That shit is so romantic, yeah
Hit that 2 step. No, I ain't seen that before
Is that a new step. Oh, I love it
Can you teach me how to do that
Let's just keep moving to the music



Fire got 'em like
Fire got 'em like
Fire got 'em like

Compositor: Mýa, J Doe

Letra enviada por Felipe ッ

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