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Lights Go Off



I know sometimes you wonder where I'm at
Where I be what, I'm doin' and if I'm givin' your love away
I'm not like none in your past, so it hurts when you ask
Who I'm with like your questioning my loyalty
Just 'cause I don't pick up don't mean I'm doin' you wrong
Maybe I'm busy or the phone ain't ring at all
But you know I'll hold you down
Tonight it's goin' down
Stop all your questions
I'm gonna show you that it's yours

The moment them lights go off, oh baby baby
That's when I start to breakin' down
You got my attention now
The moment them lights go off, my baby baby
That's when you hear them "ooos" and "ahhs"
That's when I wanna take you over
The moment them lights go off, sweet baby baby
Boy u don't have to worry none
We about to make love love
When the lights go off then I turn on
Don't stop, don't stop, we both growin'
Lights go off, lights go off, lights go off, lights go off

Now I might be goin through one of my moods
That dont mean that I'm mad at you
Just because I got things to do
Don't mean that I ain't thinkin' of you
Ain't gotta trip 'cause I got male friends
You're the one that I lay down with
And please believe that I'm always here
And Boy I promise you I'm so sincere
When the lights go off I'll be everything you need
That's when I let go and give you every part of me

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby tonight you'll see what I'm about
So lay your worries down
And what I'm gonna give is only for you
I'll prove it to you now
No other man could ever earn my love, no!
Turn down the lights so I can show you it's yours
100% baby from my head to my toes
Every inch of me is all for you
So come take it cause it's yours

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm your woman baby, yeahh
I'm your woman baby, I'm your woman baby
You don't ever have to wonder, no!
When the lights go off... then I turn on

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