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Go Hard or Go Home


Beauty & the Streets Vol. 1

1: (either we go hard or we go home) rpt

Verse 1
Selfish is my love, and give it all the time
Before I open up make sure im sure I kno that its right
As gentle is my way hard is my grind now I know
that love is a battlefield
We can help each other heal step inside my love
and you'll find yeahh
I aint no random love its a privelage u kno
that im lookin for ya
(aint no random love u kno what it is you kno how I adore ya)
This mean this is a partnership was tellin ya I pay for it
(I got u and u got me we good)
Aint no random love u the one I trust to give what I give to ya
(aint no random love aint no hit an run
we working for the future)
You the one I love you the one I chose and its crucial babe
We gon go hard or we gon go home
(either we give our everything or nothing at all)
Lets just go hard or lets just go home
( (there aint no sense of goin halfway
if we want the finer things
We kno what we both came for) )
So lets just go hard
Verse 2: baby it is your face and blinded are my eyes
Somehow I dont see no one but you, and I cant even lie
Order or the days but hunger or the nights
Problems are revealed if love is real its stronger we will find


Repeat (1) 's


Chorus til fade

Compositor: Mya, T. Beal

Letra enviada por Felipe ッ

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