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Would You Be My Girlfriend?


(Words and Music by Chin Alcantara/Published
by Soundscape Music)

Hey girl can I have your number?
Hey girl can I call you tonight?
Do I come on too strong for you?
I hope you won’t turn me down
I hope you’re not surprised
That I made the first move
I hope you realize
That I’m into you
I just wanna ask you

Would you be my girlfriend?
Would you be my girl?
I’m not typical, I’m straightforward
I’m just practical and you know it
I hope you’re not offended

Hey there will you look this way
I like to see you every night
Hey there don’t be afraid
Hey girl I just like to be yours

I don’t want to bother you
But I like taking chances
So if I do turn you off
I really just don’t care
I just want to ask you

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