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Magical Feeling


(Words by Carla Lozada & Juris Fernandez,
Music by Chin Alcantara & Juris Fernandez/
Published by Soundscape Music Publishing)

I was in a car crash
Thrown out like a trash
Slapped twice, stabbed thrice
It felt so real, baby what’s the deal

Looked straight to my eyes
Told me all the lies
I didn’t see it coming
I didn’t see it happen
That one day you’d be leaving me hangin’

I’m happy you left me
I’m glad that you hurt me
It’s a magical feeling
Knowing that you’re not meant for me

Heavy rains poured on me
Lightning struck and hit me
Slapped twice, stabbed thrice
It felt so real baby what’s the deal

People say you’re sorry
But baby don’t you worry
Life has been easier without you
We should have done this earlier

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