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Could Be Wrong


Verse 1
If I could hold your hand
Look into your eyes
Would you try to understand
The things I'm gonna say

If I could show you, boy
How much I feel for you
Would you turn around and tell me
You feel the same way too

Could be wrong you know
Comin' out the blue
I really have to say this
Baby, I love you

Verse 2
If I could get it right
And tell you face to face
Would you think that I am true
Believe me when I say

I wanna let you know
I just don't know the way
I wanna shout it out
Hear me when I say

These blues will always hang around
Until the moment I let it go
And let you know

Baby, I love you
I wanna let you know
Baby, I love you
This you ought to know

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