We got truth and that's how it's gonna be

Cuz I'm free I'm a freak
I can see what's real and fantasy
What you believe? You gotta see
Life on the planet's university

Underneath my treble
I can find me the treble-er
And underneath my case
I can find me the bass

We get through we got truth and that's how it's gonna be

Finally ah eeah ah

Cuz I'm free and I'm a freak
All the people alove? We're trying to keep
We get deep in this tree and we're never gonna stay asleep
Finally what haters say about me don't worry me

I keep it movin forward to what's ahead of me
You're gonna see I'm gonna be
And you're gonna remember me

Now there's nothing in this life that's guaranteed
That's why we get high on reality
Memories visa? Work and money and stay happy

Finally life on the planet's university
You get stronger university
When you meet it's easier
Life's just a bittersweet symphony

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