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Hit & Miss (Interlude)

M Huncho

Huncholini The 1st

Everybody's sending shots, its hit or miss
Everybody's sending shots, its hit or miss
Everybody's sending shots, its hit or miss
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Huncho, yeah

I ask for the royal oak
Plain Jane like my Prada coat
Picture nails like candyfloss
Gave her money that's candy crush
I came here with animals
Came here on Noah's ark
Keep bitches, yeah for my genitals
I'm smoking, I smoke recreational
Fashion week yeah with the latest coat
Huncho the goat
Fuck all them bruddas I take their draw
That's money I never saw
I'm booking a flight today
I need to go Bogota
Goyard my lighter case
That shit that you never saw
That shit that you've never seen
I talk to my girl in Mandarin
Open tins like cans of beans
(I like to grow bees I make tangerine [?] )
I sip on a daiquiri, it's 10 for a fucking enquiry
Head from Lisa's a masterpiece
And Youngs in the kitchen he's master chef, yeah
It's expensive when I wanna buy some bricks, yeah
I kick it good in Gucci sliders that's my shit
And I don't stop for small amounts I get a bit, yeah
Everybody's sending shots it's hit and miss
Hit and miss, yeah
Back a bit, yeah
Stack my chips, yeah
Give me chip, yeah
Give me raws, yeah
Bill a spliff, yeah
Then I break a bit, yeah

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