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Head Huncho (Feat. Headie One)

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Huncholini The 1st

Countin' up this bag is excitin'
Yeah, I gave my mum some bags after night shifts
Yeah, you're my brudda, you ain't gotta hide shit
And your energy's kind of different, I can't vibe with you
Might be sittin' next to you and there's no clue
I'm on Southern Railway and I got some food
I'm so used to winnin' now, I cannot lose
See my favourite fiend today, I gave him twos
In Chanel we goin' in, we buyin' twos
One for me and one for sister, that's a mood
Can't be spendin' on a woman, fuck your bag
I got a talent man, I'm good with rubber bands

Casually run through a hundred bags
Feds wanna cuff me, I had bruises on my hands
I don't know how they know I've been so ruthless, I had plans
They blamin' all the shavings and bootings on the gang
I'm countin' up this bag, it's so excitin'
Latex so I can put my hands on all this Pyrex
Foot down, put it in sports when I see sirens
Both my past and my present has been violent

I just left the corner store with rubber bands
How can you try and tell me who I am?
Get some cash and tie it on you, that's a plan
I'm in Paris wearin' Alexander Wang, oh yeah
Back in London, yeah, I got a chick in Wang
That just set me back, yeah, a couple grand
Stop at 'Dam and check the plug, that's how I am
Got deliveries just loaded and they're stamped
And they're stamped
It's 3AM, yeah, I'm like a vamp'
When I play COD, I do not camp
In real life, I do not camp
I shine like Sonia, then shine like Lamps

I still provide for fans who need that TT white for fast
Still, I need elastic bands, been makin' bankrolls from the bando
I love the hustle and as far hustle can go
I made a killin' off the fifty and a Zanco
I might have to go on toilet, S. O. , thank you
These 'rales want me back, I started with a Q and climbed
We ain't know they managed that
This metal on me, I can't lack
Still, I count up all my cash
I just blinked and blew a stack, ohh, ohh

I just left and blew a stack, ohh, ohh
Head Huncho back-to-back
I still bag it up in flats
I'm still settin' traps for rats
I'm still givin' food to cats
And I don't mean no pussycat, no, no
I don't mean no pussycats, no, no
Yeah, they wanted Huncho blow off
I'm get-gettin' packs for lows
And we're gettin' packs for lows
And I'm sellin' all the dro, ohh, ohh

Get it for the low, ohh
I still get it for the low, ohh, ohh
Don't short on the pack, make sure
Hahaha, oh shit
Don't come here showing that bag boy
Huncholini the 1st

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