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Forgotten Hope For The Relinquished


(My great creation
Sustained a loss
The forlorn attitude
As last effort)
The dusk embraces me
No time for fear
A grieving serenade
Of fading grace
My gone intention
Aborted tasks
Pleasure malfunctioned for me
Temptation lost
With lack of clarity
Becoming bold
Reflections shining roughly
Eclipsed misery (towards my curse)

Time without form and order
Dronwing the past
The void of frozen memories
Arises to fall
An incarnation
Died for my sins
Death lost forever
His innocence towards my curse

And I will keep my honour
Until the end of their belief
An inconsistent sermon
Along the madness of this verse
Forgotten hope reveals
Abandonment for my relinquished soul

I will keep my honour until the end
An inconsistent sermon along the madness of this place
Forgotten hope reveals abandonment for my relinquished soul

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