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Audubon Ballroom

Lupe Fiasco

God is great!

[Verse 1]
Ghettos, America. U.S. to the izzay
Killa in the citywide sprizzay
Where there's sunshine in the shizzade
Church won't pull him out the pin like a grenade
For acting out their fears like a charade
Til they blackin out their tears like it's lights out
Bring em out the black like a lighthouse
And wave to em before they wiped out
Lifesaver, threw em, hope they catch it
But it's so Titanic to be iced out
That's just scratching the surface like triple axels
Want to roll around that Bentley like Crystal Castles
In addition to the chain
That's just to take the attention from the pain
Or is it the mission of the man
Audubon Ballroom, Motel Lorraine

Now white people, they can't say nigga
So I gotta take it back
Now black people, we're not niggas
God made us better than that

[Verse 2]
No break, all wake
Little mayhem for your All-State, nay ham, all steak
Get a good ball great like a golf grade
Make the ball break
Just one swing, no putting
That's how I try 'n does things
Especially when you pass it
Martin, Baldwin, Audubon Ballroom
Turn the glass ceiling to a glass floor
Make a trampoline out of trapdoor
On that gasoline when I was back poor
Now they crafted out my dream underneath a tap floor
Backpack battle-cat underground rap lore
Anonymous but dominant -- what's a Mac to a hacker
In other words, lyrical Zuckerbergs
Pimp you may move a mouse but what's a rat to a cat store
It's like a gig to an app store
I rap Black history, you can only see my past if you fast forward


[Verse 3]
Black Panthers, black anthems, black blues
With black answers for black stanzas: Langston Hughes
Breaking rules, ain't it cool?
Took it old, and made it new
Black painters, musical black anger
Black mothers, beautiful black anchors
So lets hear it for 'em! Let's hear it for 'em!
Lets hear it for 'em! Lets hear it for 'em!
Black America! Trap America!
80s Babies! Crack America!
Rap America! Bad as Erykah!
From the era of family tearing up
But we just won big, can't be undid
Form a whole culture in just one kid
Miami dope boys, Oakland militants
Harlem Renaissance it's our deliverance


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