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of The One


The Infinite

Raging silence, apocalyptic bliss
A stoic display, disharmonic rapture of spirits
On the sidelines of the dysfunctional reality - The One

A carnivorous entity, stalking from the boundaries
An unsurpassed killer, hunting frailty, hunting the weak
A colossal monolith - in reality, invisible to it's pray

Answering to all names of destruction, only the few know the One
Indifferent to prayer and worship, it walks alone
Thundering from within, without evolution

The essence of chaos, the fountain of life
Beset in morbid irony, our life-force contained within
Your fate sealed in the endless possibility of infinite time

Step from the abyss to see the blinding simplicity
A virtuous insanity, a destruction of hypocrisy
A black light from the blackest source

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