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In Contempt Of Humanity


The Infinite

Intellectual crucifixion
Mass destruction, evolutionary override
Contempt for the flock, misanthropy personified
Woven narcissistic curtains, a blinding dissection

A perverse experiment, ill-conceived
A sickening sight, the disease reveled
I live in contempt of humanity

Rotting in ruins, bleeding hindsight as sadistic delight
On the eve of implementation, an error revealed
Wheels in motion on eccentric axis
Evolution rolls to it's own demise

We burn, fueling ourselves
We die, a cancerous breed
We emerge, in our ashes as a seed
In contempt of humanity

Songs to our children, reminders of the past
From the eons of tragedy, the final chapter unfolds
In the mist of the future, lies the blood of the past

From the carcass crawl the remnants
A random selection, children of the past
A timeless defect, viral disease - humanity
Once again the sound of destruction
The wheels of evolution crush again

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