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A Final Journey


The Infinite

What a twisted light, through my window breaks
What distorted beings the shadow make

Solitude...my savior...my perpetual suffering
The serenity of my presence, now broken by this haunting

The projections on the wall..strangely familiar
In my brewing insanity, lies the vision of destruction

So vividly they come to me, so loudly they speak
My lasting salvation lies in total annihilation

My dire needs the sweet liberty
Of my failing mind the destined consequence
A final journey blood paved path
A misanthropic seed to a lethal forest

The blood on my hands, the deaths on my conscience
The rotting sensation of a mortal demon

In a shimmer of tranquillity, a vision of the past
A vile creature, in an unguided flock

On my final journey, to the relentless calling
My only salvation lies in the deeds of my insanity

Imperfect solutions, to my warped reality
My blood split - for the death of man

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