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Witness Of Delusion

Luna Field

I am your thronged brute
and I will never see the necessity not to see me as such.
And I suspected the sun in me.
I want to spit on the extreme point from a boundless fact.
I lead a war in me and I will never see the necessity not to see a such.

I see myself as the witness, such witness of delusion:
And with regard to freedom: certainty is an illusion.

And I am the only way on such oh individual impartiality.
I want urge my troubles now against such deceitful conscious irony.
And I sailed in conflagration with lightships on the ocean to the wildest sun.
I didn`t see the shores of Atropos there, but I heard the soundings of alarm:

Never I will cease with this enlightened impetus.
Never I will impair such strong-willed intention. And never I will thrust aside this actual fact.
I will never be such pitiful impression of an aim.
Never I will bound the actual thought in its distress
and never I will tolerate a life without struggle.
Never I will indulge in the tolerance of their urges.
I will never pray: "The pain is our plain!"

(ÂŽcause) I am the witness of an unbearable illusion - a desert chimera.
(ÂŽcause) I am the witness of a vacant delusion - a desert full of logic.

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