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I Am Free

Luna Field

Alienated from its purpose he stays sublime.
The satisfaction of such abolished fathom is written in his earnest
and such actual ease let disrupt him such acquired morals.
Initial an indication - subsequent a stubbornness.

Reared to reason. Lived in the lack of this.
Reared to minority. Lived in the lack of this.

So I´m walking away from this cruel scenery.
I will struggle with the biggest detestation
and I want smash agony and the aghast aim
So I will scream now : I am free !!

I am free

Alienated from its purpose he stays strong.
The removal of pliable vice represents his ground
and such dregs let pale beside the aversion in him.
Initial an instigator - subsequent the stringency.

Reared to the lack of will. Lived with the strongest will.
Reared to weakness. Lived with odial thoughts.

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