Luke Hemmings


Luke Hemmings

When Facing the Things We Turn Away From

The walls are bleeding red
Blisters for the scars and the damage did
But my pictures hanging here
Didn't mean that much until it meant everything

And I know I'm so far gone
Your heart can't keep a vacancy for me
Oh, only you know how long you've got to go

There ain't no warning the first time
Ain't no one to tell you run, boy, run
Like I should've done
Oh, when I can't fight the bloodline
Living in the seams back home
Oh, no

How am I gonna know
If I'm never alone?
When I live in the numb
And all feeling is gone?

I throw it all out the window
All out the window
Like it's all I'll ever be

The halls are closing in
If I knew from the start
Would it change a thing?

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