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    (phone rings)


    Baby you will not believe this
    This nigga ain't been home in three days
    His kids runnin all over my house
    I don't know what to do
    He comes in and out the house all times of the night
    His girls keep calling my phone
    They blowing it up calling back and forth wanting to cuss at me
    I can't take this no more
    I'm not sittin up in this house no more
    He can have this
    I need to come see you baby
    Can I please come see you baby?

    [Chorus: Ludacris]
    One, here's what you do
    Now my name's Ludacris but please meet my crew
    Two, say, there's no time to play
    Bring a box of Magnums and get blown away, hey
    Three, there's no changing me
    I'm a pimp for most and it's plain to see
    Four, I'm so glad if he made you mad
    I know a way to get back that'll make you glad, you heard?


    Cris, I just caught this motherfucker cheating with my best friend
    I cannot believe this shit

    [Verse 1: Ludacris]
    Oh, it's no time to fret
    Come quick with my favorite bra and panty set
    Yep, oh, bust through the door
    Slide off the mink coat and throw it on the floor
    Oh, yep, climb up the stairs
    Keep your high heels on and let down your hair
    Yep, oh, let me grease them thighs
    Then turn it on around and get a back massage
    Oh, yep, 'cause I aim to please
    We can take our little time it ain't a thing to me
    Yep, oh, I'm just along for the ride
    So turn this way and let me kiss down the side
    Oh, yep, and then it's off with your garments
    And please hold on while we shake the apartment
    Yep, oh, and pop a bobble of bub
    And before we go again we can jump in the tub, yea

    Thank you baby, I needed that
    So when we gonna do this again?



    Cris, this nigga's stressin me
    I gotta get away
    I just need some time away right now
    Boo, can you please come see me?

    [Verse 2: Ludacris]
    Wait, no need to explain
    I got a first-class ticket, just get on the plane
    Yep, oh, and do your gangster strut
    There'll be a stretch limousine that'll pick you up
    Oh, yep, bring it straight to me
    I'll be on the top floor, hit the penthouse suite
    Yep, oh, come on out your threads
    And get wet, the shower got about fifty heads
    Oh, yep, blow a sack with me
    And head come on outside to the balcony
    Yep, oh, you're a popular girl
    But I'd like to introduce you to the top of the world
    Oh, yep, and let the games begin
    Don't you love the way the breeze just hits your skin
    Yep, oh, before we do it again
    Hold tight and I can call up a couple of friends, yep

    Thank you baby
    You're always there when I need you
    I love you for that



    Ay, estoy cansada ese negro
    Solo que perder este pendejo

    [Verse 3: Ludacris]
    Oh, wipe your tears away
    Give your boy 10 minutes 'cause I'm on my way
    Yep, oh, and quit the whoopty whoop
    'Cause I bet you never rolled in a Bentley coupe
    Oh, yep, the inside is snug
    Take your boots off and baby put your feet on the rug
    Yep, oh, and put the drinks aside
    Just lay back kick it and enjoy the ride
    Oh, yep, let the speakers bleed
    And I hope you don't mind if I increase the speed
    Yep, oh, feel the engine thrust
    Let it flow through your body, your adrenaline rush
    Oh, yep, I know it turns you on
    Feeling like you're in a place where you really belong
    Yep, oh, go and grab your clutch
    And I can make you come again without a single touch, uh

    Ay, gracias por todo papi
    Ay, te amo papi


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