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Southern Fried Intro



Southern Fried Intro

[Lady Singing]

Ludacris: The incredible, untouchable nigger spittin venom out his body with the dopest flows

and wonder why the lines around the corner cause the lil mothafucka has the dopest shows

So one time for my independent women, and all the single mothers who be gettin’ that CAKE

Two times for my dogs pullin trigga’s and my nigga’s in the kitchen that be flippin that WAGE

East coast, west coast, Mid-west, dirty south then we took all around the world

I got fans in retirement homes to teenagers and little bitty boys and girls

Droppin lyrical bombs up in your hood now, stopping I’ma hit em till the block explode

Hip-hop, R&B, Pop-Tart, what you want I even got a little rock and roll

The most creative, original, got em taking subliminal (gunshots) cause they can’t get what I got

They want it so bad, 4 million dollar pad, and enough to retire off two albums, go on and wave yo white flags I’m HOT

And every time I rhyme I’m putting rappers in the ground wit lines that got em hooked like dope

They gotta make up they mind, because they runnin out of time, and Im about to make em choke

Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach, lets get arrested for Disturbin the Peace!

[Man Talking]


Im a household name, wit game spittin out my mouth at all times,

I spit it out and about, and spit it out of the south, until they recognize the danger signs

So feel a tingle in yo spine, by the way I talk

There is pimpin in my blood you can tell by the way I walk

Oooh lord, more styles than a barbershop, call the cops

people in the way when I ball or block, little do they know that im callin shots

and Im not to be fucked wit, if you see me come around the corner ,then duck quick

Perpatraitors can suck dick

I tried to tell em but they don’t wanna listen, I tried to shine em but they don’t wanna glisten, While the high hat keeps on ticking

And the kick drum keep on pumping, Im dumping on the closest fools

Cause rules were made to be broken, but you can’t make broken rules

Hear what Im saying, or heard what I said, hear what they playin, cause through this music Im’a still be heard If im dead

Call yo producers cause Im hurtin these beats, I said it once, Ill say it twice, Bitch! Disturbin the Peace

[Little Boy Talking]

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