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Gettin' It On

Lucy Woodward

Common pull up a chair
I want you facing me
Your a long way from home now
You've got your hand on my heart and its pumping up something stronger
Can you feel it?
And its me who will kick it and let it slide
What i need is to hit it
I can't let this pass me by

We both keep playing where we don't belong
Cuz everytime you keep turning me on
We both believe what we need to
But way down deep we know that all along
So we just keep on gettin it on

We're hanging out and yea i wanna play
And im goin crazy
Cuz im hangin on and i can't wait for you well i wanna rock you baby
And its me who will keep it bottled up inside
I try to pretend but i can't help the feeling inside


Im slipping down, and yea im sick and fast
but i like it, i like it, i like it

Chours (2x)

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