Lucinda Williams


Lucinda Williams

CAr Wheels on a gravel road (deluxe edition)

written by Lucinda Williams

Gurf Morlix guitar
Doug Atwell fiddle
Duane Jarvis guitar
John Ciambotti bass
Donald Lindley drums
Byron Berline fiddle

When Daddy told me what happened
I couldn't believe what he just said
Sonny shot himself with a 44 and they found him lyin on his bed
I could not speak a single word no tears streamed down my face
I just sat there on the living room couch staring off into space
Mama and Daddy went over to the house to see what had to be done
They took the sheets off of the bed and they went to call someone
Some of us gathered at a friend's house to help each other ease the
I just sat alone in a corner chair I couldn't say much of anything
We drove on out to the country
His friends all stood around
Subiaco Cemetery is where we lay him down
I saw his mama, she was standing there his sister she was there too
I saw them look at us standing around the grave and not a soul they
Born and raised in Pineola his mama believed in the Pentecost
She got the preacher to say some words so his soul wouldn't get lost


Some of us we stood in silence some bowed their heads and prayed
I think I must've picked up a handful of dust and let it fall over his
I think I must've picked up a handful of dust and let it fall over his


From Lucinda Williams "Sweet Old World'
Chameleon Records 19992
Lucy Jones Music(BMI)

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