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Long Way Back Home


We weren’t even supposed to be there
It was just another run
Took a detour cross the river
Make it back home before dawn
And my hands they took to shaking
When I see headlights down the road
Mid-July in Arkansas it sure ain’t cause I’m cold
In my hand I hold a pistol in my heart I hold the weight

Well it’s been twenty years now
Since my father passed away
It’s been me and my brothers since
And we learned to make our way
One went in the army and one was a marine
But since they came back home
We just been taking what we need
Never really think about what’s outside the law

And it’s a long way back home

It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Thought no one was around
I never saw it coming
Heard the shots and hit the ground
That’s when the screaming started
And I started up the car
We headed for I-40
Hope they don’t follow that far
In my hand I hold a pistol in my heart I hold the weight

Grew up quick grew up strong (all on our own)
Hoping that’s enough to get us home

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