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Normal Life

Luc Ivor

I'm spending my time with things I don't care
Nothing in my heart, everything In my head
I remember when I colonized the streets
A childhood memory that died when I arrived here

Damn God I remember it now

I had my family, I had my dog
I had my friends, I had my job
I was happy, I used to live a normal life
without danger, I smoked and get drunk sometimes

Damn God I remember it now

1th of July they invaded my home
An awful noise, I was alone
But I remember the cold that was in the town
Especially in my bones
breaking like glass in the dark

Thank God I remember it now

I made things wrong, but many things right
I wish I could back to live my life
Stolen for two men, it's the system
Corrupted minds, a few of us survive in this prison

Oh God bring me back to life

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