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Contradiction Overload

Love Equals Death

You can't explain the reasoning that you give
your self-inflicted contradictions overload
how can you change the way you want to live
and that part of you that makes you grow

you're not who I thought you'd be
so I gotta let you go
the opposite of what I believe
a contradiction of the soul

break all the chains that bind me
to a world that’s filled with hate
I will not suffer this fate
break down the walls
and all the obstacles in my way
or give me the strength to levitate

did you think I would stop my life for you
I didn't want to be the one to make you choose
you say you live a life of no regret
keep your delusions to yourself

whoa oh whoa
take away my dignity
but you'll never get my soul
opposite of what I believe
so I gotta let you go

power without caution is death
take one look around
and see there’s nothing left of you here
your dreams are not your own
you're a fixture to something in someone else’s dream

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