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Pettin' & Pokin'

Louis Jordan

Now this is the story of Jack & Jill and I don't mean the
couple who went up the hill, I just mean a couple of lovers
that live next door and their always battling' & I'm just
trying to keep the score. Their always petting' & poking' &
jabbing' & joking' & cueing' & crackin' and woein' & wrackin'
they keep neckin' & knocking' singing' & socking' shawking &
squeening & burning & freezing why he holds her hands as long
as he's able, but when he lets go she bops him with a table,
they start right in patting & pinching & clouding & clinching
their enjoying themselves having a good time. Now reverend Green
thought that he'll call one day on this nicely newly weds across
the way but just as the pastor knock on the door a straight right
connected "Mop" he hit the floor, they was petting & poking and
banging & bopping & cooing & kissing & hitting & missing they
kept on grooving & grieving & loving & leaving kicking & cracking &
ticking & tacking.
Now one night a neighbour tried some intervention but one short jab
knocked out his good intention, they started right in stewing & stabbing

and jiving & jabbing having a good time. Now once a lion escaped from a
circus train he strayed in Jack's & Jill's domain just then they got into
a towering rage the lion took one look & jumped back in to his cage they

started swotting & swinging & potting & playing, stomping & stabbing &
grooving & grasping they kept dancing & ducking, tripping & trucking,
potting & pleading & banging & bleeding, her mother said "I'll go right
in there & fetch her", but mum came out riding on a stretcher, they
started right in there hitting & holding, fainting & folding, they
was enjoying themselves having a good time
Now once a reporter called in on the wife just to gather some dither
on her hectic life, she told him she found no time for books, she always

busy ducking from left hooks, they were always swotting & swinging &
socking & singing & cutting & cuddling & messing & muddling they kept on

foundering & fussing & kissing & cussing & teasing & swotting & squeaking
& once a voice said "Stop! I'm the law." But all he stopped was a hay
maker to the jaw, they started in jiving & jumping & trobbing & thumping

they was enjoying themselves, you see they were in love ain't married
life wonderful hey will somebody call Dr Kildare is Dr Krishna in the house.

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