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Where Am i Going?


So many miles ....to this endless road
I'll never be the same again
All this time....I've searched my soul
I know in time....this journey will end

As I fall into the Sea of Dreams
I can see....my life flash by

The thunder shakes....this soul of mine
The lightning flashes....before my eyes
All this time....I thought I knew
But now, I know....that I was blind

I'm being pulled in....to hell
This is....the price I'll pay

To find out where I am
To find out where I'm going
This scary dream...of days gone by!!
To find out where I'm going
This fear it haunts my soul
The weight of disappointment...searching for the light!!
I've got to find my way
The journey never ends
This long and endless road...was never meant to end!!

To start believing in myself
Where am I going?

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