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The King Of Pain


Reigning over the blood soaked land
Cruelty and hate
Anguish as a way of life
Nothing left to fate

The Blood!
Running in the streets
Nothing left, no sign of peace
No heroes to defeat

Bring it down!
Light him up!
The King of Pain

Turning people into slaves
Subjugate the weak
Taking all that's pure and good
Making life so bleak

Rise up!
The time to stand is here

Tear it down
Burn him out
The King of Pain

Show him your might
Cast away fright
Burn up the night
Rise up and fight

Make him crawl!
Make him pay!

We will give him pain
Make the law
Something for us all
Rise up
A bloody end to pain
Let it flow
Anger we bestow

Tyrant! Die!
Tyrant! Die!

"Nothing left to lose
Your freedom is the only thing left to gain
No mercy no quarter no remorse
Bring the motherfucker down!"

Rise up! We'll give him pain
Rise up! We'll end his reign
Oh! Oh!
Rise up! Blow him away!
The king of pain....
The king of pain
The king of pain

Bring it down!
Light him up!
Oh...The King of Pain
Oh...The king of pain

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