Los Amigos Invisibles

What is love? It’s in the blood, it’s just a way of life
What is love? It’s everything, it’s something you can’t hide
What is love? Is it the way you look into my eyes?
What is love? The things you do that take me by surprise

Amor is to love you, amor is to care
Amor is to people with something to share
Amor for the Spanish, amor for the French
Love in any language always means the same

What is love? Is it the joy of having you around?
What is love? Is it the way you lift me when I’m down?
What is love? Is it a dream no one can’t do without?
What is love? It’s in the words that I’m singing out


What is love? La no Brasil se fala da curtir
What is love? Dir en Francais ma petit cherie
What is love? Es la emoci—n que despiertas en mi
What is love? Around the world, They all know what it means


Compositor: Lai

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