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Van Nuys (es Very Nice)

Los Abandoned

En Van Nuys there´s porno stars, and swap meets, wanna buy a car?, the galleria strip
Malls too, old Erwin Park and who are you to tell me that
It´s better in EE.UU.
When you´ve never seen sunsets in Machu Picchu!

The upper-lower middle class that you can only find here has
gente con muchos acentos viven en apartamentos,
The summer´s hot, it´s hell the bus is always late,
The great big cloud of smog that makes you choke and hate...
Y dejaste tu paĂ­s por esto?

Van Nuys es very nice,
But it´s not paradise

En Van Nuys court celebrities can plead no contest or guilty,
A student steals his teacher´s car for prom but didn´t get too far,
A strip mall fire rages on Valerio, while Letty bumps la raza on the stereo,
"20 pegaditas, no corridos!"

Van Nuys es very nice,
But it´s not paradise

Dejaste los Andes por el cemento y los swimming pools

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