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You Love You

Loretta Lynn

No one will ever take you from me
My love can never keep you here
And when you go I know there's nothing I can do
No you're not in love with someone else
You're carefull no one but yourself
And I think I've wasted so much love on you

You love you with love for both of us you've never needed me
Lovin' you is only standin' in your way of being free
Love like yours is hard to come by lovin' you do way I do
I just hope you'll be happy lovin' you

[ steel ]
I remember when you loved me
And I believe you really care
Lovin' me I guess was something new to you
But I won't be here when you come back
And I wonder what you'll do
Who will love you after you'll stop lovin' you

You love you with love for both of us...

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