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I Reached For The Wine

Loretta Lynn

My eyes are perfect but now I see I'm blind
Because I didn't notice all those danger signs
I tried and tried to tell you oh so many times
You should reach for your baby but I reached for the wine

Remember I told you that someday you would find
Just you and your bottle at the end of the line
You'd still be here in my arms and not just on my mind
If you'd reach for your baby like I reached for the wine

If I could reach you just one more time
I'd show you I love you much more than the wine
Many nights my pillow feels these arms of mine
For they couldn't reach you cause I reached for the wine

I'm sure you'll find someone who will be kind and true
That's the things I wanted but I wanted them from you
Our love could have lasted until the end of time
If I'd reach for you baby like I reached for the wine


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