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Chicago Blues

Lonnie Johnson

Chicago's alright to visit, but please don't hang around
You'll find the smooth chicks and high slicks and boy, all those mellow fellows
But when your bankroll is gone, you're just another chump
, that's dropped in town!
My first night in Chicago, my friends really treated me fine
Then overnight, they all changed like daylight saving time
And ev'rything I wanted, I had to lay my money down on the line
I said, "Baby, you're so lovely, your eyes shine like the stars above,
you wear number three shoes, yes, and wear number five gloves"
She said,"It's money I need, baby, I don't need love!"
I said,"I could make you love me darlin', baby, I just bet I could,
you can learn to love me baby, I know you could"
She says,"Lay your money down, babe, and make your bettin' good!"
I said,"Let's go to New York, baby I'll buy you anything you lack,
I will give you plenty money, gonna buy you a nineteen forty-two Cadillac!"
She says," I'm sorry, this fine round body will be here when you get back!"

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