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Tokyo Nights (Feat. Like)


YS Collection Vol. 1

Feel my soul from this flow
I'm a six sense gas as far as openness goes
I'm hoping they know if I open the door, I'ma go and never come back
I'ma rewire your brain like an ounce of Prozac
I was a loser in school and now they cheer for us
Madison Square Garden is packed out for us
Fuck around and drop a whole album without a chorus
I'ma watch the money come like a clitoris
The Forest's witness of course, split your whole shit like a wicked divorce
But thank God all the ladies they adore us
I was Screech back in the day and now a nigga Zack Morris
Fuck a chorus, real ones go to bat for us
April 21st mom gave birth to a black Taurus

The beginning I was scheming, I was dreaming
I was thinking I had to run away from all of my demons
I believe in the simple code
Stay true to what's you
And everybody else gon' to see you for you
Good or bad, Yin and Yang, it's the same
It depends on your intentions, what's your aim?
What's your end goal?
I had to touch down with myself, I'm in the end zone
A night had to go to hell twice just to get home
A nigga had to pay the whole price just for his skin tone
So even if I do this shit right it still can end wrong
Drop a couple of jewels that you can live on
Me and Logic make this shit bump, it's like a ingrown

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