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The Incredible True Story


Get 'em

Living life on the east coast
Way back in the day trying to beat most
Anybody that wanna do what I do
Well let me keep it one hunna with you
It ain't about that
Ain't about hip hop
Ain't about rap
Think a minute, hold up, use your cap
Chicago, know I'mma snap
Gotta say, no basic rapping

So they wonder who am I, so high
I said they wonder who am I, so high

Back again, never outside so I'm acting in
I laugh again when they don't understand what I mean, bias
Everybody seen by us
Everybody wanna live a life like this
Man fuck that, do what's good for your family
Make music like there's no grammy
For that last line they might ban me
I don't give a fuck though
Cause I am me
From beijing to miami
I'mma just do what I do with my crew
Ain't no telling what I'm finna do
But I promise that I'mma keep writing for you
And I know what to do
Everything right here for you
Only for you, depending on what you gonna do

It's all for you
It's all for you
Who am I, so high
I said they wonder who am I, so high

Let me take the time to find the rhyme
And let you know that I'm the only one
To find the one the time is done
Beyond the sky, beyond the sun
There is no one besides the only one
And you know I gotta let 'em know
If you love it, let it go
At an all time low and all I know is, all I know
I do what I love
Came from below when there was no one above
Created a world no one has been to
Everything that I'm into
Everything that I've been through
Bring it back like, let it shine like a bad light
Reminisce ain't know that night
Gotta take flight
Everybody probably wonder what I'm living like
In the middle of the night I might write
Despite what they say is right and wrong
Despite they wonder (wonder)

Who am I, so high
I said they wonder who am I, so high

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