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llamar - Fotos
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Llamar, is a singer, songwriter and music producer based in Uk. He started producing music before becoming a singer, and only a few years later realized that he could sing on his own beats.
He started doing beats on Fruity Loops and Reason, and later on Logic Pro, and Cubase. Llamar started an artistic production course to learn how to work with video, photography, and sound engineering, where he also learned to work with Protools. In 2019 (September 16), Llamar independently released his first single, "Sophia" (a mix of dancehall and R&B) on Soundcloud. After 2 months on Soundcloud and reaching about 5,000 plays, "Sophia" was distributed to all major digital platforms such as Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and a few more. "Sophia" in the first two weeks on Spotify hit 20,000 plays from 20 different countries, where the Uk tops the list of countries that most listen to Llamar.
"Don't Leave Me Now", also produced by Llamar is the name of his second single released on December 19th. The single was first played on Bbc Radios a week before its release date, making it the first single from Llamar to be played on a radio station.

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