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I Miss You Forever



Let's end what we had
And you know I'm too crazy
I can't forget it
I thought that we were legends
I thought that you never be a badass

I was lying in the grass and you came
With a million of cigarettes
You changed my mind
This smoke is kind of my life
The boy of the bass, I don't know
I can't deal with that mess
I might be on the past
But you know that we're always endless

Let's hang out together
I love you
I miss you forever
Your feelings will be always my server

Forever and ever

No problem if we can't be lovers
Cause my soul is lighter than a feather
I forgive you, whatever
I would never be your treasure

You could be my sun, my moon and my lungs
You could be my sun

Compositor: Santos, Lizia

Letra enviada por Lizia Santos

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