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Too Young To Die

The Living End

Young men standing on the beaches
Barely 19 summers old
Young man your country needs you
Young man do what you're told

Walking on a fine line
Watching every step
Read it in the headlines
Lest we forget

Too young to die
Too young to die
Too young to die

Young man dreams of going home
Back to the southern land
Watch the girls underneath the boardwalk
Fish n chips down on the sand

Woken by a bright light
Hotter than the sun
In my dreams they’re waving
White flags instead of guns

Too young to die
Too young to die
10, 000 miles away
Where heaven and hell collide
And who decides
The whites of their eyes
Too young to die

Old man sits on a park bench
His memories dissolved
But he can still see the faces
Of all the young men
Who didn't grow old

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