The Living End

Gather 'round folks, it's miracle time
What you need we got
Salvation, damnation, resurrection and maybe a little rebirth

We'll have the blind man see
The crippled man run free
We'll cure all decease
We'll make your life complete

That's right ladies and gentlemen
And even if your are sinnacle, don't believe in miracles
Your sins will be blessed, your soul be laid to rest, Why?

Down in the depths of hell
I've raised some wrong my self
I'm climbing out of the hole
Come on release my soul


Even when if you do choose to join us
We believe all will be revealed
And all your misfortunes will be healed

We'll put you in a spell
Stear you away from hell
And if you lose your way
You must believe in Faith

All you need is Faith!


Come on!

You must believe in Faith!
All we need is Faith!
All we need is Faith!
All we need is...Faith!

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