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The Rarest Flower

Liv Kristine


Run, run through your life
And have fun
Olive-green rainbows above you

Loving is easy
Myriads of chances to go
So much to see

Slide, slide through a pinhole of gold
But don't spread your wings it's a no-jump

Loving is easy
When leaving is easy
The rarest flower is easily picked
But it withers always

Grow and outlive your mistakes
We all hope for a milder fate

Loving is easy
But don't justify greed's ways
So much we want

Then our world falls asleep
At the end of the day
But what is too much will decay

And loosing is easy
When taking is easy
The rarest flower is easily owned
Bit it always withers

Running through your life
All is moving fast
Run for fun
Pick the flowers
Grab the flowers oh

Sliding through time
Thinking is a crime
Pick the flowers
Pretty flowers
Get the flowers oh

We justify greed's ways
We play the holy game
Musk and perfume
Smell like fortune

We love the flowers
Smell the flowers child

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