Liv Kristine


Liv Kristine


Time's up for you
You know I will unzip the truth
You lied, yes you tried
You misbehaving thief
Of lovers and grooms

Hands up for you
Not a chance in the universe
You'll fail or lose
'Cause he's mine, always mine
My found missing link
Now you see why I am

Skintight like a minder
Holding off the enemy
From my lover's ardour
He's mine only mine

In the still of the night you appear
There's a spy in your eyes
So I'll bite off that gleam
You're not a stargazer
You want my lover's delight

Soundless like a tiger
I am sneaking upon my enemies
I'm his lifesaver
And I'll bite if you try
You don't really wanna try

I see the spy in your eyes
But I'm skintight, skintight

Composição: Liv Kristine EspenÊs

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