Little Simz


Little Simz


I've got used to spendin' my time alone
They ask me when I'm comin' home
My system on overload but money is on the phone
Adjustin' to different zones
It's hardest to be composed
Drama with my nigga and he ain't strikin' the proper tone
I say, "Who you think you are? "
Hung up, picked up the keys, then drove to the bar
Had a couple drinks, forgot where I parked
Ended at a bench gazin' at stars
Envisionin' what life would be
If I had lived out on Mars, never a chance
Afraid of the dark, afraid of the past
Afraid of the answers to questions I never asked
They will tell me to count my blessings, I'm countin' fast
Seein' people's true colors and the fakers fadin' at last
I don't even know why I invest in the time comin' to therapy
There's nothin' you can tell me that will help me
I do not believe that you've got it all figured out
Now let's take a break, need some fresh air and a snout
But I just might be out

I don't need
No, no, no, no, no, I don't need savin'
No therapy

Don't follow any laws, I got many flaws
Had so many great opportunities, many lost
That's what happens when they put you on so many tours
But there's no sleep, blunts get lit, Henny pours
Then he calls, know he wants to have a heavy talk
I leave the country without givin' it any thought
But why the fuck I'm on this couch spillin' my heart out?
More high blood pressure you've already caused
I'll abort and go back to my reality, don't be mad at me
Your friend told me you're the best, apparently
I see the way you look at me like I'm some sort of charity
Only reason I come here is so I can get some clarity
And it didn't work
It was never worth it, a gift and a curse
Still an introvert, still my feelings hurt

I don't need
No, no, no, no, no, I don't need savin'
No therapy

No, no, no, no, no, I don't need savin'
I don't need
No, no, no, no, no, I don't need help
No therapy

And you will never know what it is you need until you need it
Know that I'm in need of bein' free enough to free this
Yo, you raised a star, mommy, still can not believe this
I can relate to you man, he broke your heart to pieces
Sometimes we do not see the fuckery until we're out of it
Some people read The Alchemist and still never amount to shit
We live in a society of frauds and counterfeits
People are dyin', give a fuck about makin' some hits
Probably shouldn't say that out loud, but I did
And sometimes I just wanna dip
Buy some land, raise my kids
Teach my daughter about the wonders of the world, I'm convinced
If she's anything like me I'm raisin' a king

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