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Marilyn Monroe (Feat. Chuck20 & Remus)

Little Simz

All black
Reeboks got their cool back
What you know about Little Simz?
Not only a little but, wanna step up fall back
See the world, Imma rule that
All my people, you know we the Wolfpack
When I come around, better don't chat
You talk too much, my nigga just go stack
It's originality that you lack
Don't be mad at me coz I'll rap

And I do it better than most
I don't give a fuck that I boast
Got new haters floating deck
All coz I'm the one that they chose
They can't ever reduce my sentence
When I talk my nigga, it's case closed
Bring them cameras out and I'll pose
One time, quick flash. Pose

Get them wheel-ups when I'm onstage
And I'm talking bound for the, bound for the reload
Ask your fella coz I'm sure he knows
Ha, yeah he knows
Actions always speak louder than words
So whatever I do, I keep it on the d-low
Ay, to come through man there's no one I'm letting in
And if you ain't part of the team, there's no way you are getting in

So you better take care or goodbye
Space Age, we the best and I won't lie
Now see Little Simz you won't try
If you really like life
This shit Marilyn Monroe when I'm on a roll
When I gotta go, man we call this call this
Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn, Monroe, oh

Ay, now we're gone off of that hype
Now we crabwalk to that side
Just to get blazed up with that green
Wasted cells, that's not what I need
I'm that blur you see with long-sight
Tryna get turnt up with that kite
Up in the sky, high, chill with the realest
Tryna be good, man I ride with the villains

I'll slide with the villains, ain't no mistake
Talk shit, I'll piss-take
When I ride round, back round, I'll switch lanes
This lane's getting too bait
See I didn't know
In the dark, I glow
On the roads, that's the path they chose
Imma stone-cold lover, baby

Ha, you're the love I don't, you're the love I won't show
You're the type to adapt, but I won't mould
Coz they slide from the back like a cobra
Fully strike and attack like a soldier
It's fake love, ain't nobody gonna hold ya
You a dumb-dumb bum and no money in the trunk
And the slums can't fund, little nigga's running slow
Ho, go, Marilyn Monroe

(Next up)
Next up, well I might consider myself
Just tryna get by living in hell
MAC-10s ringing like bells
Mandem sitting in cells
Right, nothing ain't nice
Cold road, everything ice
The other day, one of my little homies got life
I'm tryna fit all of my memories in one line
Stop tryna smile like everything's kosher

I'm injecting you with the venom of seven Cobras
See the devil in you is severed and you a culprit
Severe mass murders, see the end is approaching
Til the war's over, we the heavenly soldiers
I'm just tryna do everything that I was supposed to
Fulfilling the prophecy, I don't want your apology
It's nothing but a lie that's covered up in the truth
Another one of the suits

I can feel the pain as Mother Earth's abused
Imma spit the greatness on a verse to you
When I say fake, I refer to you
I'm sorry but today you can't burn the truth
Nothing but fools
My stomach ain't full and you're looking like food
And none of these dudes ain't having it
Kick 'fore they switch like Anakin
And leave a sad case like Marilyn
Marilyn, Marilyn, yo Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe

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