Little Dragon


Little Dragon

Nabuma Rubberband

You know you're makin' me mad
The way you look at me so
Kinda making me scared
Throwin' me those eyes of scarlet
Though when I pass by
You got nothin' to say
Not even a

Oh, and it breaks my heart
Like friends in a picture glass
We capture some moments
Now I don't recognise you
Did you lose your playful mood?
This bad attitude
Too bad
It's too bad
It's too bad

See how you're makin' me blue?
You know you're better than that
Staring at me
Playing the fool

You must have lost your mind!
See when you pass me by
You ain't got nothin' to say
How can you forget to smile

It breaks my heart
I'mma climb up these clouds
And see things clear
You're gonna make me put my fist through this mirror
I'm so sick and tired of lookin' in this mirror
See how you're makin' me blue?

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