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Love Without A Name

Lisa Stansfield

The Moment

What is this?
How did I get here?
Pretending I don't know your name again
In another world I'd be your girl
Out in this one I'm crying
I'd die without you

So I can't let you go
Some things you can't explain
I always say it's the last time but
Here we go again
You kiss me and I surrender
I can never resist the pain
It's just so
Baby you know
It's just love without a name

It haunts me
Oh, so bitter sweet
Never knowing when we'll we meet again
In another world I would say goodbye
but in this one I'm flying
And I'd die without you


No, no, no, no
But when we're dancing slowly
When you hold me
I know


No, I can't let you go
It's love without a name

Cos I love you baby

No, I can't let you go
It's love without a name

Compositor: Lisa Stansfield/ian Devaney/r. Darbyshire

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